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Break Free and Resist Now - or Lose the Freedom to Make Your Own Decisions Forever

11/1/2021 - Dr. Kevin Homer
The real division is not between conservatives and revolutionaries but between authoritarians and libertarians --George Orwell, 1948

Shattering the Illusion of Fauci's Scientific Legitimacy - A Pathologist's Fight Against Thought Control

10/24/2021 - SG Cheah thought control dr. homer scientism fauci
Knowledge is the key to power. Medical practitioners possess knowledge that contradicts official narratives. As such, a despotic tyrant will always try to prohibit the people's access to this knowledge.

Open Letter to a Lost Landlord

10/22/2021 - Juliet Annerino tenant rent landlord property
Your Hardship and Suffering is a Deliberate Part of The Regime's Despotic Plan to Enslave

Unmask Your Child Now, or Watch Them Grow Up Into Obedient Serfs

10/18/2021 - American Liberator Team mask children
Masks are a terrible way to train children to simply follow orders that are irrational and harmful. Children depend on parents to keep them safe - not to keep them masked.

Don't Fall For Phony Government Issued "Crypto" - Especially When It's Issued by Dictatorships Like China

10/17/2021 - American Liberator Team
Beware of Central Banking Digital Currencies masquerading as crypto currently being rolled out by countries such as China

The Insufferable Guile of the Leftist Christian

10/16/2021 - brombactor christianity religion COVID-19
Fending off disingenuous attacks from leftists who cherry-pick the gospel.

The Secret Goal of Medical Fascism — A Final End To Freedom As COVID-19 Policies Marches Society Towards Universal Slavery

10/11/2021 - SG Cheah featured COVID-19
American Citizens are not Federal Property; so why does the Federal Government think they can dictate what they want us to do with our bodies?

By Dehumanizing the Unjabbed They’ve Created a Nation.

10/8/2021 - brombactor unvaccinated Canada Social Credit Exodus
A rally cry for Canadians suffering under the vaccine mandate — and to allies around the world

Let the unvaccinated get healthcare from doctors who quit

10/8/2021 - brombactor single payer healthcare Social Credit unvaccinated doctors
Why they will never allow this in single-payer healthcare markets like Canada and Australia, and how this is critical to their plan for global tyranny.