Let the unvaccinated get healthcare from doctors who quit

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Why they will never allow this in single-payer healthcare markets like Canada and Australia, and how this is critical to their plan for global tyranny.

In Canada’s government healthcare monopoly it is illegal to pay for healthcare. There are no options for an individual to skip wait times and work outside of our failing healthcare system. We must have great respect for the talent and expertise of our healthcare professionals but the organized criminals who control access to healthcare are certainly under the thumb of globalist gangsters and big pharma.

We have supply and we have demand

Let’s examine our current situation. We have an abundance of unemployed doctors and nurses who are qualified and experienced. We have unjabbed patients who need access to healthcare. The vaccine crowd shrieks that they don’t want the unvaxxed gumming up their precious healthcare system. The solution to our problem is so clear. It would benefit everyone to allow unjabbed access to healthcare from the recently unemployed professionals. The fact that this would never be allowed exposes the ugliest truth about the nature of government power and it should chill you to the bone.

They don’t care about you

Allowing unjabbed to buy healthcare from unjabbed doctors is a no brainer. It’s a perfect example of how an unfettered free market solves so many of our societal ills. But an adult mind must recognize that this means nothing to the state; the state’s currency is power. The ability to crush competition in an industry under the unassailable cloak of altruism is the what makes the state official the most desirable whore to be auctioned off to rich corporations.

the state's currency is the power to crush competition for their corporate allies

the state's currency is the power to crush competition for their corporate allies

Everything government does must be cloaked in the narrative that this is for the greater good and that they care for us. Intentions to the statist are everything. Their bills are given condescending, warm and fuzzy titles to hide their true intentions. Media lapdogs echo the good intentions only, and never analyze the implications of the actual legislation. A multitude of grotesque “well-meaning” bills erode our freedoms each day until our country becomes unrecognizable. This isn’t a transformation, it’s the state revealing it’s true face. As power grows pretense of benevolence becomes unnecessary.

Healthcare, like all massive government takeovers of industry are sold to us by promising to look after the most vulnerable. But that’s our job, not as a society but as individual humans. Benevolence and love for our fellow man should be fundamental to our productive lives but the state has conned us into taking that from us. That was our moral failing — we fell for the trickery.

Morality and caring for the vulnerable cannot be outsourced to the state. Our punishment for this grievous sin is that now the state is using as a coercive weapon and will only distribute it to those who bend a knee to the religion of our time; Globalism.

Tyrants monopolize healthcare for just this reason

Conservatives and libertarians for decades have warned that by empowering the state with full control over the healthcare system and outlawing all private options would lead to disaster. Well here we are — the state is threatening to withhold healthcare from a despised segment of the population; the minority that understands the sanctity of God-given freedom. Nobody is more loathed by the statist, and through the deviousness of the vaccine mandate they have been isolated and branded with a star.

The worst fears of the libertarian have come true. For decades they have been warned of this exact outcome and watched in horror as it came to pass like a slow motion train crash they were helpless to stop.

Power over healthcare makes the state the bride of big pharma

Corporate fascism — the unholy alliance between state and powerful corporations is at the root of these evils. Only through this alliance could a total media and educational monopoly be achieved. The leftist blames the corporation for it’s infiltration of the state through lobbying. But a corporation can hardly be blamed for seeking profit.

It is the stated goal of government to protect the life and liberty of it’s people. The only way this noble purpose can be preserved is by strict limitation of it’s powers to those core principles. However the halls of government power are a beacon to power lusters. It is these forces who seek to create new incremental powers to make themselves more attractive to the wealthy and powerful. All under the guise of the greater good.

This has a deadly side effect for industry. Large corporations shift their focus from innovation and delivering the best product for their customers to instead being the best bridegroom to the government floozies. Why spend millions on research and development of a product offering to fend off upstart competitors when that money is better spent courting a politician? Their money is better spent buying the influence to crush competition with “well meaning” regulations.

All non-vaccine treatments were crushed

Now ask yourself why from day one of the COVID pandemic the only solution put forth by media, government, CDC, WHO was a vaccine. And why were any viable treatments immediately and attacked and crushed by that same cabal. The answer is obvious. The state’s prostitution is no longer subtle. They are brazenly attacking competitors of their big pharma owners. 

You’d think that in the face of such blatant abuse by corporations that those idealistic leftists would stand shoulder to shoulder with us but nah. Caring about the downtrodden is a mask they wear that’s easily discarded in favour of their true goal. The true root of evil is not money — it is the lust for power — and the power to extract wealth from decent people by force. 

"Ye shall know them by their fruits." — Matthew 7:16

They are our would be slavers. Every action they take, every mask the wear and every lie they tell is to enslave and degrade you. All of their words weave a lie about caring for the most vulnerable — but don’t listen to their words. You must observe only the fruits of their actions and only that will reveal their true motivations. 

China-style social credit system

China-style social credit system

The end game?

The vaccine passes being introduced in pilot nations Canada and Australia are the blueprint for the social credit system. This system will certainly will be tied into a coming state controlled digital currency. Imagine saying something on social media that is not appreciated by the regime and your funds are frozen for 48 hours and you can’t buy groceries until you’ve learned your lesson. This is ominously similar to the prophesied “mark of the beast”. Whether you believe in prophesy or not — this is the ultimate power dreamed of by globalists. The power to enslave every man, woman and child on earth.

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