The Secret Goal of Medical Fascism — A Final End To Freedom As COVID-19 Policies Marches Society Towards Universal Slavery

10/11/2021 SG Cheah featured COVID-19

American Citizens are not Federal Property; so why does the Federal Government think they can dictate what they want us to do with our bodies?

The Left has been philosophically consistent for hundreds of years. They were, and are returning to, being pro-slavery. The oppression we’re suffering today is a result of that consistency. Don’t believe me? Watch as they unfold their philosophy of universal slavery through the medical tyranny of mandatory vaccination.

But surely, employing the word ‘slavery’ to describe the rollout of mandatory vaccination is an exaggeration, right? After all, we the American people live in a free country. So, using the word ‘slavery’ is as needlessly hyperbolic as the term “medical fascism”, right?

Except medical fascism is the exact word that should be used to describe the Biden administration’s approach in dealing with the so-called COVID-19 pandemic. By now, the despotic policies of the Biden regime are considerably old news. Practically everyone who is an independent thinker can see that the Biden regime’s handling of America’s public health is both irrational and harmful.

Not Everything is Nazi Germany

There is a tendency to compare the growing tyranny in America today by referring to the era of Nazi Germany. True students of history, however, can point out that we need not cross the ocean in order to adopt European totalitarianism.

America is exceptional, and we have our own exceptionally scarier version of American totalitarianism right at home — in the old Democrat South during the pre-Civil War era. This was an interestingly overlooked moment in American history, especially so since it seems to be constantly hidden away from public knowledge.

George Fitzhugh’s Ideological Heir — Today’s Left

Born in 1806, George Fitzhugh was a leading pro-slavery intellectual and spoke for many of the Southern plantation owners. “It is the duty of society to protect the weak,” said George Fitzhugh. A prominent pro-slavery Democrat, he added “but protection cannot be efficient without the power of control;” Fitzhugh continued “therefore; It is the duty of society to enslave the weak.”

George Fitzhugh

George Fitzhugh

You wouldn’t be wrong if you thought Fitzhugh’s statement sounded atrociously similar to the speech Biden gave on the vaccine mandate. After all, Biden did mention that the mandate “isn’t about freedom or personal choice”, but rather it is about “protecting yourself and those around you”

Whether this era of American history is being forgotten by design or by neglect, one thing’s for sure, it sounds exactly like how the Biden regime governs today. And we can trace the rollout of Biden’s medical tyranny today to the totalitarianism of the slave society in the old Democrat’s south.

And before we go down the usual discussion of Fitzhugh’s “racist white supremacy” based on today’s fraudulent critical race theory, you should know that Fitzhugh also believed “That the white race is the best and the true slave race.” You heard that right. George Fitzhugh in his defense of slavery declared that the best race of slaves is made up of white people like himself.

The Equivalent Advocacy of Slavery with COVID Tyranny

Geroge Fitzhugh went on to condemn the toppling of the European monarchies by stating how the liberated people’s implementation of a “free society in Europe [is] a murderous failure.” Curious isn’t it, how Fitzhugh’s narrative sounds just like today’s COVID-obsessed Democrat’s view of a restriction-free Florida?

The COVID-obsessed tyrants truly believe that “Governor DeathSantis” reigns over the murderous failure of a free Florida. To understand the tyrannical Left’s neuroses, watch this ad to get an idea of how they view freedom as a dangerous evil.

It’s easy for us who are non-delusional to brush off these claims as just another typical anti-DeSantis hysteria. Still, it is extremely alarming that in today’s America, Florida is being attacked precisely for protecting the freedoms of her residents. And terrifyingly more so when we observe those who once used to stand for freedom (like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Howard Stern) publicly condemn your freeborn rights to liberty.


Arnold Schwarzenegger, who once hosted a show called “Free to Choose”; today telling you to “screw your freedom”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who once hosted a show called “Free to Choose”; today telling you to “screw your freedom”

Howard Stern who once won a free speech award

Howard Stern who once won a free speech award

The Medical Practitioners’ Revolt Against COVID Tyranny

Speaking of delusions, one of the best minds that had emerged since the start of the pandemic is board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Mark McDonald. Early on in the pandemic, he noticed how the fear of COVID-19 had driven American society into a mass delusional psychosis. He calls this “the pandemic of fear.” It is a media-induced phobia created from their fear-driven propaganda.

Yet, despite this propaganda warfare from the establishment, there’s a growing movement of influential physicians and medical professionals who are resisting the official narratives put forth by the Washington bureaucrats. Healthcare professionals across the globe are standing up against this corruption.

You may have heard about some of these groups. America Frontline Doctors is perhaps one of the most vocal. There’s also the World’s Doctor Alliance, The Frontline COVID Critical Care Alliance, nurses from the Global Frontline Nurses, as well as scientists from The Great Barrington Declaration; among countless other groups all over the world.

Doctors No Longer Able to Practice Independently

More recently, over 11,000 doctors around the globe came together to sign the Rome Declaration in protest against the suppression of early treatment for COVID-19. “This is not care. These policies may actually constitute crimes against humanity” the Rome Declaration states.

Patients rely on their doctors to administer medicine and care. This has been true since the dawn of civilization. The intimacy of the doctor-patient relationship is one of the most fundamental principles of clinical practice. As a patient, you are putting your life in the hands of your healer.

Yet in one fell swoop, this entire system changed during the pandemic. Doctors are put into a position where they are no longer allowed to use their independent judgment to provide the necessary care for their patients. And you are ordered to publicly parade the information of your own private health by proving that you’re vaccinated.

“Your inoculation status is no longer between you and your doctor. Show me your papers” Photo from Unsplash

“Your inoculation status is no longer between you and your doctor. Show me your papers” Photo from Unsplash

Forcing Doctors to Harm Their Patients

It’s hard to imagine that doctors are being deterred from administering early treatment for COVID-19. But if a physician tries to save a patient’s life by prescribing early treatment with ivermectin, or therapeutics other than the vaccine, the forces of government intervention will prohibit the patient from accessing the drug. This is a direct violation of the sacred Hippocratic Oath.

This prohibition by the state may not be socialism in name, but it is certainly socialism in practice. When the government holds the power to determine what healthcare you receive; that is a form of authoritarian socialism. To get a clearer picture read this article to understand why democratic socialism is totalitarian slavery.

And in George Fitzhugh’s own words “slavery is a form, and the very best form, of socialism” After all, in the annals of history, it is the slave owners who’ll determine the level of care that shall be received by their slaves. So why shouldn’t the state dictate the status of your healthcare, right?

Mindless Enslavers Lead by a Zombie President

In his podcast, Informed Dissent (with fellow physician Dr. Jeff Barke), Dr. Mark McDonald pointed out how most of the COVID hysteria is driven by media-induced phobia, whereby the media encourages the public’s addiction to fear.

The word ‘addicted’ originated from the root of the word “edict”. In ancient Rome, the court will issue an edict in order to enslave a person. The word addiction has evolved today to denote someone who is “a slave” to a substance or activity. Needless to say, those who are addicted to fear are enslaved by their fear.

Enslavement is the essence of addiction. Ultimately, the addiction will turn a free-thinking person into a mindless zombie. This state of mindlessness is preferable to an enslaver since it is always easier to rule over unthinking zombies; President included.

This is a form of psychological war. The ongoing pressure to vaccinate and to wear a mask is a psychological weapon employed to condition the American people to abandon forever the desire for freedom — just as how the Democrat plantation owners of yore conditioned their slaves to accept their enslavement.

The Aim is to Break Your Will

Everything about COVID will make more sense once you see it from the perspective of enslavement. Remember how there were absurd rules for eating? You were allowed to eat at a table but not at a bar. You were not allowed to remove your mask unless you’re sitting down. Slave owners used to have arbitrary and absurd rules for their slaves too.

Besides not being able to leave their premises, slaves were also not allowed to gather in a group unless there’s a white person present at the gathering. Like the comically irrational approach to lockdowns and masking, these are absurd and arbitrary rules whereby the main purpose was to enforce control. Such were the ways used to cultivate obedience. It is a method used to inflict psychological damage onto the slaves.

And we can see this method used on us everywhere today. Similar to the chattel slaves who weren’t allowed to travel across states without a tag or pass, the Biden regime is even toying with the idea of banning interstate travel unless we carry papers to prove the status of our vaccination.

The War Against Independent Judgment (Free Will)

The vaccine mandate is a crude technique of psychological conditioning designed to break the individual’s spirit of independence and self-assurance. Take for example the vaccine enforcement through OSHA. By implementing an arbitrary number of 100 employees, we are made aware that the Federal Government could as easily change that number as they please. After all, weren’t we also told that we only needed one booster shot? Or that it’s “only two weeks to flatten the curve.”

Nevertheless, the freedom-loving Americans continue to resist. Accordingly, the vaccine passport is therefore implemented as a way to punish the many for the crimes of none. It is not a crime for a person to fall sick. Yet the mandate is created under the impression that it is acceptable to penalize someone who could be ill since “they’ll make others sick” by spreading the virus.

Freedom is a bizarre philosophy for those who are pro-slavery. Article link

Freedom is a bizarre philosophy for those who are pro-slavery. Article link

The fact is, we can no longer be self-assured that if we made the independent decision to comply with the rules now, we’d be certain that the outcome will be what was promised by the government. Imagine the damage done to a person’s spirit when they choose to continually obey the rules only to be swindled over and over again.

What We Must Do

American citizens are not Federal property. The Federal government cannot make a decree to tell you what to do with your body. Obviously, this won’t stop them. These authoritarians will try to invert the concept of freedom by declaring that “Well, if you do as we say, you’ll gain the freedom to access these facilities.” Don’t be fooled. When Orwell coined the term ‘Freedom is Slavery’ this is what he meant.

George Fitzhugh wasn’t trolling when he wrote about the virtues of slavery. He was dead serious when he stated that it is for your own good that you should become a slave- just as the masterminds of The Great Reset urged that you should own nothing and you’ll be happy. A slave owns nothing — he doesn’t even own his own body.


By 2030, you’ll be devotedly enslaved and you’ll love your servitude

By 2030, you’ll be devotedly enslaved and you’ll love your servitude

In a slave society (like in Trudeau’s Canada where the unvaccinated are prohibited from entering eateries), since you don’t own your body, it is not your choice to decide for yourself if you want to be vaccinated. If you don’t get vaccinated, you don’t get to eat — just as a chattel slave who refuses to follow orders will be denied food by the slave masters.

Taken by @brombactor in Trudeau’s prison state of Canada

Taken by @brombactor in Trudeau’s prison state of Canada

Fight for Freedom Now or Lose Liberty Forever

We’re doing the right thing by our continual resistance. As Dr. Mark McDonald said it is either “pay the price now or you’ll be paying the price forever.” Failing to pay the price of freedom now would mean that one day you’ll find yourself living in a slave society.

This is not a hyperbole. It’s a kind of society that’ll pass an edict to denounce an innocent child as a criminal simply if they refuse to put on a mask. It is a society where the ruling class will brazenly and openly tell you to “screw your freedom.” How many more people should suffer under the nightmare of this regime’s march towards totalitarian slavery before we realized it is too late?

Pay the price now, or face this as your future forever.

Pay the price now, or face this as your future forever.


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