Shattering the Illusion of Fauci's Scientific Legitimacy - A Pathologist's Fight Against Thought Control

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Knowledge is the key to power. Medical practitioners possess knowledge that contradicts official narratives. As such, a despotic tyrant will always try to prohibit the people's access to this knowledge.

If you want to learn about something, you learn from it in reality. Theory alone isn’t enough to help you understand the situation at hand. This is the attitude held by Dr. Kevin Homer, MD – a hospital-based anatomic and clinical pathologist. 

Like a lot of successful doctors, Dr. Homer loves his work. And the new post-pandemic world compels him to speak out against the growing loss of freedom as a medical practitioner in the field of healthcare today.

Dr. Kevin Homer

Dr. Kevin Homer

Taking the Side of Reality

Consider this; medical practitioners like Dr. Homer have to deal with reality on a daily basis. In the realm of life and death, there is no room for the evasion of reality. We rarely think about it, but like a lot of everyday heroes, Dr. Homer puts his body in the line of danger by exposing himself to pathogens for the purpose of saving another human’s life.

Since the stakes are so high in medicine, Dr. Homer pointed out the requirement for medical practitioners to retain their independence, especially in making clinical diagnoses. 

“I have decided to stand for truth with the confidence instilled by my education, training, and experience, no matter what. There’s a lot in that “no matter what”—isolation, ridicule, coercion. But if you don’t have your thoughts, you don’t have your humanity.”

In this case, Dr. Homer identified the pathogen of thought control. He calls it “scientism” and it is a form of political correctness applied to the field of medicine.

Thought Control through Self-Deception

The purpose of political correctness is to forbid you from thinking. The theory goes, if you cannot say it then you will not think about it. At American Liberator, we assert that “Nothing is more valuable than freedom, and that all freedom must first exist in the mind.” Dr. Homer understands this.

“This is not science; this is religion. Despite the first amendment to our constitution, our country is being turned into a theocracy, worshiping at the altar of “scientism.” Scientism is being used as a tool to advance a political agenda, not a scientific one.

The supporters of totalitarian government will blindly worship the state in a pseudo-religious fashion. Observe just how fervently they’ll chant “believe the science!” To the proponents of scientism, it doesn't matter that medical practitioners like Dr. Homer can provide real, tangible, and repeatable proof to back his findings. If the high priest of their secular divinity (Fauci) doles out orders from the temple (the NIH and the CDC), it is imperative that the devotees who are possessed by Fauci follow his orders blindly.

The phrase “believe the science” is therefore grounded more in magic than in logic. 

The Instilling of Slavish Obedience

What's more, the devotees of scientism hate that medical practitioners like Dr. Homer cannot be politically controlled. “How dare this heretic doctor display his skepticism! Don’t they know people are dying?!” The outcome of such blind obedience has always been the subordination of independent judgment to the whims of an authority. But perhaps more insidiously, it generates widespread anxiety, ambiguity and confusion.

Doctors are not allowed to employ their independent assessment on how to best treat their patients, and you are not allowed the freedom to make your own independent decision about your own health. As Joseph Stalin, sorry I mean as Joseph Biden so curtly said "This is not about freedom or personal choice."

Shattering the Control

But like every despotic regime, their oppression is ultimately unsustainable. Physicians and doctors are not the kinds to be easily broken. These are men and women who’d gone through a grueling training process in order to practice medicine. Decades of intensive schooling, exhausting medical residencies, and continuous lifelong study had prepared them to take on the lazier but power-hungry bureaucrats.

The last thing an honest physician and healthcare worker would want to do is to abandon their independence in their field of expertise. And we can readily assist these brave medical practitioners in their battle against the tyrants. Follow the updates from Dr. Homer at Gettr and keep up with his writings at

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