By Dehumanizing the Unjabbed They’ve Created a Nation.

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A rally cry for Canadians suffering under the vaccine mandate — and to allies around the world

Tyrants have historically employed “divide and conquer” with great effectiveness over the centuries. Choose (or create) a divisive dilemma and then get propagandists to exacerbate the conflict and polarize it. Have the public at each other’s throats so they pay no notice to the enormous crimes committed in broad daylight by our ruling class.

We have become accustomed to heated conflict between left and right. Yes, this too is largely orchestrated and encouraged by our elites. But throughout our lifetime we also had some common ground. Underneath the conflict, we could live side by side because, despite our differences, they were our countrymen. Let me explain; even though we disagreed, fundamentally we still cherished the dignity and freedoms of our bitter political rivals. Those being the freedom to speak, worship, and pursue happiness as we see fit.

These are not our countrymen

But things have changed. When a majority of our fellow citizens gleefully cheers the oppression and removal of basic human rights based on factually dishonest claims — we have crossed the chasm. These are not our countrymen.

Canada-wide vaccine mandates and the vaccine passport is now the law. The unjabbed are prohibited from attending events and eating in restaurants. They are banned from rail and air travel and countless employers are now laying off workers who do not submit to the jab. This alone should alarm every Canadian who was raised to believe in the “True North strong and free”. Regardless of alleged safety concerns, this is a grotesque moral crime. But let's for a moment try to answer those who claim that the unjabbed are a safety hazard to the jabbed.

The unjabbed are no threat to the jabbed!

The settled science agrees that THE JAB DOES NOT PREVENT THE INFECTION OR TRANSMISSION OF COVID 19. This is not a controversial statement; it is a fact. Therefore, the claim that the unvaccinated must be penalized for the safety of public health should properly be ignored.

We have science on our side but don’t for a second believe that matters to those in power. To elites the facts do not matter, only power does. You can see this in plain display when every promising health advance and treatment for COVID was mercilessly attacked by the media, pharma, government conglomerates. Forget about debating

We have in good faith presented every fact and won every debate and they respond with censorship, smears, lies, and now persecution through law. There is no intellectual solution or political solution. We are faced with the brute force of the state-backed by a gleeful uncaring mob.

I repeat: these are not our countrymen.

We are a Nation.

But here is the good news. Those who have resisted are uniting peacefully. Those who punish us have created a nation united in unshakeable love of freedom. Our nation isn’t made up of fringe wackos and nuts as they would have you believe.

In fact, tens of thousands of doctors and nurses have boldly lost their jobs in defiance of the new world order witchery. Professionals from all walks of life, all races, and religions united under the banner of freedom.

These aren’t the ones to whom freedom is a silly slogan or a punchline — these are the ones who actually walk the walk. They know the price of freedom can be impossibly high, but worth paying.

We are just getting started. Reach out to your friends who are also defiant. Even jabbed friends who vocally oppose this injustice are your allies. Join groups online — and if you can’t find one, make one. THESE are your countrymen. WE ARE A NATION — one united under the principle of freedom.

A peaceful Exodus

We must be peaceful. As a nation, we must begin to make collective demands. If our freedom will not be restored, demand a PEACEFUL EXODUS where we can form independent communities unmolested by an illegitimate criminal state. Violence is not an option- that will play into their hands.

Rebuke those who call for violent action because they are certainly shills or federal operatives. Unclench your fist. Let the state reveal their ugliness. History tells us that governments do not tolerate groups who wish to separate and live freely. A peaceful exodus will likely be met with retribution.

Nonetheless, we must demand this in order to unmask their true intentions. Purify yourselves, be perfect in your intentions, and trust in God. Expose their evil.

The global elites are playing all of their cards — the masks are coming off

The global elites are playing all of their cards — the masks are coming off

Love your fellow countrymen

The immediate future is unknown, but start preparing. Start thinking of your countrymen first. If you have the resources to help them, do so. When the fist of the state tightens, we will need each other more than ever. Take heart and pray to our God that he strengthens us and protects us in these troubling times.

Let the globalist order reveal its true face — a psychotic entity that will not permit freedom to flourish. If an example of true freedom were to exist in a small community, the prosperity and virtue of such a place would become the envy of the world. It would shatter the illusion of the globalist utopia and their lies would be laid bare for all to see.

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