Open Letter to a Lost Landlord

10/22/2021 Juliet Annerino tenant rent landlord property

Your Hardship and Suffering is a Deliberate Part of The Regime's Despotic Plan to Enslave

So your tenants are refusing to pay rent. 

They aren’t taking care of your property. They are trashing it. And they’re refusing to move out, though you’ve given them months to do so and jumped through the necessary legal hoops.

Here’s what’s happening, in case you don’t know. Your government is not your friend.

Every government was originally set up, ostensibly, to serve its people. Your government, like most governments in the world today, thanks to the hysteria from 2020 continuing, is only serving to increase its own power and that of its mega-corporate cronies.

This is what they actually mean by the “Great Reset.“ The goal: to make life hell for all small and medium business owners including modest landlords like you, so you sell your property or business which is then picked up for a bargain by large corporations in bed with your government.

This is what you will own, right here - nothing.

This is what you will own, right here - nothing.

How The Regime Plans to Seize Your Property

These large corporations with their teams of lawyers and government connections, will have no difficulty whatsoever demolishing your property --figuratively or literally-- after they blithely kick out your deadbeat squatter tenants using government handouts.

Then, they’ll introduce “forgivable” loans (no need to pay back those!) to build a larger apartment building to house more future-slaves and make even more money since it will be richly subsidized by -- guess who? You and the rest of the tax-paying middle class.

Middle class. A class, by the way, that might more accurately be called the cash cow class, since the “poor,” more accurately future-slaves, will not pay (monetary) taxes, but submit to soul taxation, selling their will to thrive, subsisting on government programs alone with no incentive to earn a living through productive means.

The truly “rich,” ruling class, on the other end of the spectrum, will not pay much if anything in taxes, much like today, thanks to their easily obtained exemptions via “charitable” donations to “non-profit” organizations, some of which pay their executives handsome salaries, while still somehow never managing to turn a “profit.”

See how this is falling into place? And by the way, when we talk about the government subsidizing things and giving forgivable loans, we are really talking about the taxpayers being robbed, your currency being debased further by the careless brrrr of money printing --  all without a “vote“ without a voice from you. Yay, “democracy.”



Thou Shalt Not Own Property

Your government does not care about you. Your Government does not even care about the future slaves squatting in your apartment building, though your politicians claim to, as they tug at our heartstrings and tear open our purse strings.

Your politicians love to make promises of what they will do with your money and how much they will spend it on the “poor“ and the “needy“ to raise the future-slave class up out of poverty. This is tantamount to a drug dealer promising to get a drug addict clean by continuing to give him a fix, whenever he asks for it. It is disingenuous and cruel.

The power-drunk elites of your government are happy their self-righteous future-slaves, pretending to be your tenants, also drunk on socialist rhetoric, become weaker every day with their propaganda-pumped feelings of entitlement.

Every day these delusional future-slaves become more dependent on government handouts, believing these handouts are “owed“ to them as some kind of “human right.”


This is what is meant by Claus Schwab’s: “You will own nothing and be happy.” He refers to the infantilized future of slavish adults, empty hands constantly outreaching to the owners of all, the all-might BigGov.

This is the society of slavery. When the drunkenness ends and the hangover kicks in, the so-called “happiness” Charles Schwab promises from owning nothing, also dissipates with one hell of a headache. Entitlement has a price: Personal freedom.

Remember the scene in Dr. Zhivago where the doctor comes home to find his beautiful home has been divided up by the new communist government and now houses dozens of people who are treating it, well, kind of the way your squatters are treating your property -- Like garbage.


The Endgame of Totalitarian Control

As in Soviet Russia, the endgame is a slave society of two classes, not three. You guessed it; the cash cow class will be the one to go. Your place in this new society will be crushed. Yours is a class that cannot be tolerated by the authoritarian ruling class. Yours is a dynamic, living, breathing and aspiring section of society, potentially beyond the constraints of the ruling class, and a perpetual danger to their existence.

The middle class has always been the bridge between striving and thriving, between potential and realization. A truly diverse group of individuals, exercising the discipline to sustain a grasp eternally surpassing their reach, maintaining a vision beyond every horizon.

This article began as a simple comment on this article by a landlord. I urge you to read her story and leave her a kind comment or some virtual applause to show your support. Share her story and this article with your friends and family.

We are stronger together. We are many. And they are few. We must rise up against this imposed slavery society before it is too late for us all.

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