Don't Fall For Phony Government Issued "Crypto" - Especially When It's Issued by Dictatorships Like China

10/17/2021 American Liberator Team

Beware of Central Banking Digital Currencies masquerading as crypto currently being rolled out by countries such as China

One of our writers on American Liberator, Juliet Annerino, is well-versed in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. She recently wrote a very important article for Hacker Noon to warn us about a growing threat of government-issued digital currency called Central Banking Digital Currencies (CBDC).

Most notably, by moving everyone onto the digital platform, the Chinese Government will be able to gain total control of all financial transactions. Furthermore, the CBDC is one more step towards a "One World Currency" who some might say, sounds eerily similar to The Great Monetary Reset.

Ever wondered how the World Economic Forum could brazenly tell you that you "will own nothing" and think they can get away with it? Simple. If they have total control of the monetary system, you won't be able to buy anything unless it is approved by the state since they control all transactions.  

Here's an excerpt of her article on Hacker Noon

CBDCs are now being debated, tested, and deployed in at least 81 countries. 7 countries have CBDCs, while 14 conduct pilot programs,16 are in development, 32 in research, 10 are inactive and somehow 2 have been canceled.

The first, most well-known, and potentially impactful CBDC is the Digital Yuan of China. The People’s Bank of China reports 21 million Chinese citizens have opened a virtual wallet for the Digital Yuan. The Chinese goal of launching their CBDC in time for the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 has been achieved.

Check out her full article at Hacker Noon

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