About Us

Liberty and Its Union, Now and Forever, One and Inseparable

American Liberator began when a group of writers on Medium were restricted from contributing their articles to the American Liberator publication, originally started on Medium.

We were told our articles, "promotes violence."

That we were, "glorifying suffering, abuse, and death."

What were we writing about? We wrote about how society was slowly normalizing the acceptance of universal slavery by accepting the wholesale government control over the masses.

For that, we were deemed as, "promoting violence and misinformation," and summarily suspended from Medium.

Our Goals

Abolish all forms of slavery; in both the body and the mind.

To confront the normalization of slavery in a post-COVID society.

Point out the similarities between the obsessive need to control other human beings and how it relates to the mindset of pro-slavery thinkers of the past.

We believe everyone needs to understand that when the state takes control of your life, you are enslaved to it.

What We Do

We bring together creatives serious about perfecting their writing skills through the art of intelligent storytelling.