Unmask Your Child Now, or Watch Them Grow Up Into Obedient Serfs

10/18/2021 American Liberator Team mask children

Masks are a terrible way to train children to simply follow orders that are irrational and harmful. Children depend on parents to keep them safe - not to keep them masked.

The worst outcome of mandatory masking is the lifelong impact of psychological damage done to children.   

Unmask Your Child is a great documentary that was recently released about the long-term damage that mask-wearing does to children. It features experts in the field of medicine, psychology, and education sounding the alarm on the dangers of masking your kids. 

You can find the documentary at https://www.unmaskyourchild.com/

Here are some of the excerpts from this important documentary:

"I have many children in my practice who have become so used to wearing masks that they've become in a way like trained animals or dogs. They hear the snap of the finger, they see an adult pointing to them and they immediately rush to put their mask on." -Dr. Mark McDonald

"When you mask a young child, you create unnecessary anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and learning disorders" -Dr. Jeffrey Barke

"If parents teach children that covering up their faces is a way to be safe, they will grow up misunderstanding what it means to be free, to breathe, to play, to provoke, and to test limits. We don't need a generation of children to lose their sense of independence, their sense of challenging and testing limits. Masks are a terrible way to train children to simply follow orders that are irrational and harmful." - Dr. Mark McDonald 

Realize how inhumane it is when the free spirits of children are stifled in the name of fear. Then ask yourself if this is intentionally done as a way to train the future generation into complete subservience. 






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